At the Fair

Just a short note to keep you up to date a bit on the fair. Tonight's entertainment is Eric Church at 7:30. You can get more information at Clark County Fair on times and cost. It is looking to be a good fair. If you haven't seen the bits on the local news, there is a trick horse this year and he looks amazing and he's a beautiful Paint. Open class showing is this weekend. Engish today and Western tomorrow. The lead line class is at 4:00 if you want to come out and see some real cuties. I wanted to put up some of the results from yesterday's events but there were computer issues and the office was way behind. I'll get them on when they have time to give them to me. Because this is so new, no one is set up to hand me the results and I don't want to cause anyone any extra work. The behind the scene stuff is so hectic anyway! If you see any of the workers out there, be sure to just give them a big smile and tell them how much we all appreciate what they do. All of the workers out there in the horse area are volunteers and it is a lot of work. The Dock Dogs are back this year and if you haven't made it down to that end of the fair grounds, go spend an hour or so. It is a blast to watch those dogs go splashing into the water and to watch how the trainers/handlers work to make it a game for those dogs. They put a lot of 'english' in their body actions. Now, I've got to tell you funny story - I was going to be lazy and get the fair grounds web address off Eric Church's 'on tour ' page. Guess what - it links to the "Clark County Fair" in Springfield, Ohio! oops! We are always being mistaken for the other Vancouver or the other Washington. Now we are the OTHER Clark County Fair. I'll be back tomorrow.

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