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This may be - as Dennis says - preaching to the choir but I want to tell you about a great story that I just read on Raye Lochert's website. I met him at the Mane Event that we had here in Vancouver and then again at the Hands on Horses Expo that Silver Buckle put on earlier this year. He is a very good trainer that also has a gift of connecting with his audience. And he writes good informative and entertaining articles. The one that I just read was about a training ride he was on with a green horse and their encounter with a run away horse. The real excitment was after the poor scared horse had passed and then came the 'herd' of horses and riders chasing the escapee. He goes on to talk about a 'better' plan in that type of situation and the happy ending to the whole adventure. Take some time to read his article - Loose Horse

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