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I received this email about a trail survey by way of a friend that works in the county. I'm not sure who it was originally sent to but this is important for the horse community. These are not normally thought of as horse trails but two of them do have that designation. Frenchmen's Bar is really short now but it is supposedly just a place holder for a future trail on up the bar. Land for the Salmon Creek trail was given to the county with the understanding that it would always be a horse trail. It is not very horse friendly right now and many don't even know about it's history. It would be good to have horses on both of these trails on the day they are counted. If you can ride, check with Brian to see which trail the volunteers will be counting and if you can't ride, think about volunteering to make sure someone is there to count the horses. Vancouver-Clark Parks was just contacted by Metro to participate in the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Program. Despite the very short notice, Parks will participate by conducting pedestrian, bicycle and in some cases equestrian counts on several trails (dependent on how many volunteers we get) on Sept 9, 10, 11 during 4-6PM and Sept 13 and 14 between 12-2PM- the designated days and time set by the National Documentation Project. Parks will be using the designated survey forms and counting methodology to correspond with the national and regional survey. Parks proposes to take counts and surveys at the following trails and trail locations. These have been selected at points (generally) where Parks has plans to extend the trails to get baseline information to use as we move ahead with expansion. Please review and let me know your suggestions for other locations and/or priorities if you have any: 1. Columbia Renaissance Waterfront Trail at the Quay 2. Burnt Bridge Creek Trail at Devine trail head 3. Salmon Creek Trail at NE 117th St. (east end) 4. Vancouver Lake to Frenchman’s Bar Trail at Blue Rock trail head 5. Lacamas Heritage Trail at NE Goodwin Road trail head 6. Padden Parkway Trail at 94th Ave (if we have enough volunteers). We will need 2 volunteers at each location – we plan to only survey each trail once- not each day of the survey period. Ideally we need to get at least 12 volunteers. I’m attaching the website if you would like more information. I apologize for the short notice. http://www.altaplanning.com/national+bicycle+and+pedestrian+documentation+project.aspx Let me know if this is something of interest Brian W. Zahora Volunteer Coordinator Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation 360-619-1124 (phone) 360-696-8009 (fax) brian.zahora@ci.vancouver.wa.us

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