Closing to Haul-ins - Pigeon Fever

Ok, so that wasn’t the last word. UGH! I have been enjoying this nice sunny weather but this Pigeon Fever stuff is making me look forward to our rain so the flies will leave and we can get thru the incubation period and not have to worry about it again. At least for this year. Heidi Olson of Remuda Ranch is closing her facility to haul-ins until this stuff passes. There is word that a barrel horse has tested positive for PF and it seems to have contracted it from Rock Creek. The horse has since been to the Saddle Club and to the Fair Grounds. Heidi talked with Dr. Meg today to check for updates. Again prevention is the best action and it is fly control. Also check your horses daily for lumps on the chest area, belly (were the flies like to gather) and also on the legs. A fever would come first and then open lesions. If you do take your horse out to an event or camping, take along a 10-15% bleach/water mixture in a back-pack sprayer and douse all the area that your horse will have contact. There are a few pictures getting passed around of a poor horse up in La Center with PF and it looks nasty. Nothing to mess with. I have heard of another barn that is closing to haul-ins. When I find out more, I’ll pass it along. In the mean time, it might be wise to call before you head out someplace to check that arena or barn’s current plan.

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