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I have been lax in getting information out to you all for a few weeks. On Sept 30th my daughter-in-law in Texas was diagnosed with stage 2 adrenal carcinoma and it has thrown us all for a loop. I have been keeping a running prayer network for them of updates to all their friends and family. On the 31st I’m flying down to Dallas to stay with them and watch my grandchildren while we are all in Houston at the MD Anderson Cancer Center next week. I’m not sure how long I will be down there but it will be at least until the 18th. I will have my laptop with me and will keep up with the happenings around the area as best I can. I have been told by a bunch of people that they are enjoying our site. I’m so glad. That is what we wanted this to be, a place for the horse community in Clark County and beyond to gather and share information. Keep passing along things of interest. That’s what will make this site worthwhile. Again, sorry for not staying up to speed but thank you for understanding. Jody Benson

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