Activities at Silver Buckle

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward (way forward) to spring and all the fun stuff. To get there, I need more activity now and so do my horses. Dennis and I don’t show or game. We are just recreational riders and most of that is done during the spring, working calves on a cattle ranch, summer trail rides and gathering cows in the fall. We don’t have a bunch of stuff that we commonly do this time of year so we have to find activities for our boys. A relatively new option is available now. Silver Buckle Ranch (SBR) is opening up their facilities to all of us – including adults – for cow play activities like sorting and break away roping and just general horse activities. There are instructional workshops and play times to practice. They have also scheduled jack pots and sorting clinics to get together on horseback and just have fun. All of the activities are set up to be fun times, not high pressure competition. The folks at SBR are also teaching classes about basic horsemanship and horse keeping for those new at this activity and are offering riding classes taught be a CHA Certified Instructor. They are also making their arenas available for rent. The mission at Silver Buckle Ranch has not changed. Their main focus is still serving the at-risk youth of the community with the premise that ‘Horses change lives’. We all know that, but they are teaching the rest of our community that reality. To be able to continue to serve those kids into the future, SBR is trying new ways for us to help with the funding by having us come out, pay a little and play a lot with our horses. With the support of our horse community this program can continue to offer help to our county youth and grow into a great place for us to play.

There is a Sorting Jackpot scheduled for Saturday that needs more players. It will be indoors if need be. Give Maryjo a call at 360-260-8932 to reserve a spot and gather a bunch of friends to cheer you on.

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