Harney County, Oregon

Pat Brown forwarded this post to me thinking that there might be some people reading this blog that either live down in Southeastern Oregon or who know someone who does. It is tough for her to share things like this cause she wants our local people available to help out 'our' horses but the concern for all horses wins out. Good for you, Pat. Many of you may have heard about the large-scale seizure of neglected horses and cattle that took place in Harney County recently. The Harney County Sheriff seized 45 badly neglected horses. In addition to the animals that were found alive on the property, there were dozens of dead horses and cattle that had apparently been left to starve to death. The court has ordered all the animals forfeited to Harney County, so now we need to find homes for these horses. They have been fed good-quality hay for over two weeks now, and all appear on their way to recovery. The selection includes at least eight pregnant mares, two mules, a Belgian stallion, QHs, Arabs, yearlings, two and three year-olds, and older horses. It’s quite a wide selection. Many of these horses are halter-broke and appear to have been ridden. Others are wild as march hares, but are nice-looking young horses. There are also some older animals that appear very quiet and calm. I make no guarantees or promises about any of these animals, except that after what they have been through, they deserve to receive some good TLC for the rest of their lives. If anyone is interested in providing these animals with a good, loving home, please contact me. I can arrange to have you visit the horses at the location where they are being held. Thanks! Scott Beckstead Senior Oregon Director The Humane Society of the United States (541)530-8509 sbeckstead@humanesociety.org

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