New Signature Event

I'm on my soap box again. I just read this in a small 'box' in The Columbian this morning: What is Vancouver's New Signature Event? Without Vancouver's annual fireworks extravaganza, what will be our signature event? Tell what event you think is the highlight of Clark County's social calendar. E-mail your response to Be sure to include your city of residence, age and phone number. Ok, so I think the Vancouver Rodeo could fill that hole.

  • It is already on the July 4th weekend and used to be part of the Vancouver 4th of July events (a few years ago).

  • There is wide appeal and it is unique for this area. There are two other rodeos but they are not close and they are not as 'home town' as OUR rodeo.

Yes, I am on the Rodeo Committee and we have been talking about how we adjust our event to provide something more for the community in light of the absence of the fireworks display this year.

The other part that I saw when I read that piece was this designation would be a chance for the 'other' folks to see more of the horse community. I know this isn't about all the horse people in the area but it is horse related and would be a great chance for the rest of the folks to recognize that we (horse people) exist and are an economic force here. A lot of local people participate in the rodeo both as contestants and as volunteers. And if anyone wanted to see the economic impact of horses, all they would have to do is look at the infield at the Saddle Club during the rodeo and see all the trucks and trailers not to mention the horses and tack. Even if they do a write up about the ones that are mentioned, if a bunch of people sent in this idea, we could get some really good press for the rodeo and the horse community as a whole.

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