Vancouver Rodeo - Day 2

Well it should have been day two if your keeping count but today is day 3 - showtime. We didn't make it home until 11:30 last night trying to get vendors in and tents up and decorations up and and and. There is just a lot of stuff to get done to prepare for a rodeo. Things were going pretty well and we were just about closing everything down about 10:00 when a truck and trailer drove in with a HUGE tractor. Halton Tractor is a sponsor and they had already delivered a skidsteer and a mini excavator but we had been waiting for a tractor that they were going to loan us to show off in the arena. It came at 10:00. And it was huge and we had to stay to help them get it off the trailer and put it away. And then with a little bit of 'boys playing with big toys' going on, we were VERY late getting home. Just stuff that goes on during rodeo week. I got some fun pictures but will have to get them up later today, I hope. We are home now to shower, eat lunch and get dressed for tonight's opening show. Today is 'Tough Enough to Wear Pink' day so I'm ironing special shirts and most of the cowboys will be wearing pink. Come on out and join us.

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