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This information came from Washington State University by way of Erin Harwood in our Clark County Extension office

Free Webcast on Bits and Bitting Learn about the functions of a bit and how to properly select a bit for your horse. Please join us in this FREE webcast provided by My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest. My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest invite you to a FREE webcast on bits and bitting for horses. Dr. Holly Spooner, an Assistant Professor and Equine Extension Specialist at West Virginia University, will be discussing factors such as bit selection for different stages of training and how a bit functions. Webcast: Bits and Bitting Date: September 22, 2009 Time: 7:00 P.M. EDT Speaker: Dr. Holly Spooner, West Virginia University Summary: Selecting the correct bit for a horse is dependent on a number of factors including the horse's level of training and the rider's experience level. Knowing how a bit functions and distributes pressure on a horse's face is essential for determining what bit is appropriate. This presentation will discuss the difference in direct versus leverage action of a bit, how the diameter and shape of the bit effects the bit's action, and will describe the pressure points on the horse's face that are affected by bits and hackamores. In addition, bit selection for different stages of training and training problems will be discussed. Space is LIMITED! Register Today!

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