Heat Stroke

I'm guessing that this is the farthest thought from your mind today. Our grandson asked if he could go down with me to let the horses out this morning and I said no. When he asked why, I said cause the muck would suck his boots off. He then offered that perhaps I shouldn't go there either. I just love the workings of a 4 year old mind. I said that I agreed but that someone had to let them out so they could have breakfast. But remember last summer? Right now the memories seem to be from a far away land but summer will come and quite possibly, high heat. As I continually confess, this horse stuff is new to us so if I'm offending anyone by sharing information that is too basic, sorry. We had to start somewhere and I'm guessing that there may be others in the same place. My poor vet keeps getting the "what do I do now?" calls. This article might save someone a phone call. Plain Facts on Heat Stroke by Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD Summers heat and humidity can be much more than just uncomfortable. They can be deadly. Horses lose their lives every year to heat stroke. Countless others struggle through anything from weakness to colic as a result of inadequate care in hot weather. Don’t let this happen to your horse! read more.... As a side note, the author, Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD, is the standing authority on Equine Cushings and IR and shares a lot of valuable information on the Yahoo web group - EquineCushings. Stay dry and remember, this too shall pass.......

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