Trail connection coming soon.

A vision that has been held for decades is finally going to pay off. I had heard that the "Fairgounds trail" was moving forward but saw in the paper this morning that even better than that, with enough volunteer help, it could be ready for use in a month. In an article on the front page of the Life section of the Columbian, written by Scott Hewitt, says that this short trail will be an important connection to a trail that will eventually connect our regional parks. Lisa Goorjian, a landscape architect with the Vancouver-Clark parks says this trail will eventually run from the Columbia River on the west to the Mount Vista area, near the campus of Washington State University Vancouver, on the east. Dennis and I were part of a committee that continued long standing work to get a trail from the fairgounds to Whipple Creek park. When that committee died because of a change in county employees, we felt like that option would be gone forever. Let me encourage you to not give up on a good idea for the good of our horse community. Where we left off, others came in and now we will have our trail! Thank you to all who worked to get this accomplished. Now we just need 'wet gloves on the handle of a shovel' to get this trail ready to ride.

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