Equine Survey

Hopefully most of you have already filled out the Clark County Executive Horse Council Equine Survey but if not, this is your reminder.

It takes all of about 5 minutes and is very important. The last one is several years old and has been a valuable tool but it needs to be updated to reflect the current population.

The results of this survey will enable the horse community to go to the various county offices and agencies and show them what an enormous economic impact we have in the county - politicians and politics go with the most pressure or biggest number. The results will also show that all the horses are not out in Amboy or other outlying areas, they are all over the county.

This information is also used by the news media when deciding what to cover in their reporting, and what twist to put on the story. It has been used when dealing with horse shows, clinicians and vendors. And finally, the numbers can be used by retailers looking to locate stores or to get financing.

The survey asks about the number of horses you own, if you board or keep them at home and the average monthly upkeep. It also asks for the yearly related expenses and if you have purchased a truck and/or trailer from a county dealer in the past three years. The only identifying question is your zip code.

Now, the only way that this will be truly valuable is if ALL of us fill out the survey. I know that when the last survey was put out, there were folks that were reluctant to fill it out because they were afraid that in some form or another, the county would “know where I live and would tax me”. The people who are doing this survey are in the business of doing market research and they know how to make sure all the information is anonymous. All they want is an accurate as possible count of the horses in the county - this always blows the politians away - and the ENOURMOUS amounts of money that we spend on our horses - another real eye opener for the rest of the folks.

Just click on this link to take the survey.

Now Get ‘R Done and let's put some muscle behind our requests.

(those are our boys this morning while it was still sunny and we do live in the urban area - it just doesn't look like it)

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