First Performance

The first performance went great. It was our ‘pink day’ and what a show it was. The grand entry went smoothly and I just loved all the pink vet wrap on the horses legs. Our rodeo’s colors are Red, White and Blue of course so with all the pink mixed in, it was very colorful.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink is a day to honor and raise money for the Susan G. Komen fund.

For a week night and the first day of the rodeo, we had a very good attendance. That is especially important this year because our sponsorship money is way down. Just like in the rest of the world, money is tight. A lot of our usual sponsors just didn’t feel like they had the extra money to help support our rodeo. The good side to that is a lot of people are traveling less and looking for something to do close to home we are.

Our Grand Entry was fabulous in pink. The drill team nailed their part and the crowd just loved them. The stage coach was a hit as was little Taylor, the 9 year old that sang the National Anthem for us. There are a lot of people working this rodeo that do this full time at least in the summer. Our stock contractors and their workers, the judges, the officials, the entertainment and the participants spend a lot of time in their rigs driving to and camping at the various rodeo grounds. It really is an interesting community. They are nice, honest people that love their way of live and we become friends in a few days and look forward to seeing them year after year. The Clark County Saddle Club grounds become a little city, gathered to have fun and work hard for 4 days every July.

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