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Pat wanted me to pass on that Anthie, the horse rescue up in Ariel needs to find new homes for their horses. (I sent out a plea to help them dig out back during the snow - some help did come - thank you) Between personal losses and feed losses and lots of damage from the extreme snow, they wouldn't have enough feed for their rescues to last for the rest of the winter. Because of this dire situation, these horses will be released for free to approved homes. Contact Anthie @ or call 360-231-4380 in Ariel Washington to view these wonderful horses. There are a few remarkable pictures to show how far these horses have come.

Buddy- 6 year old mustang that was gelded and then they attempted to break soon after. It looks like he was roped from behind and they caught a leg and held on anyway. He will not expose his butt to you. He had a girl working with him and he was given to her. She had been working on getting him to trust again when she lost her boarded pasture and had to move her horses, that is how he ended up here. NO shots or wormings here- but I will double check on this to be sure it did not happen during the gelding process??

Sandy- 4 year old brown and white Paint that has been with us for almost 2 years. It was very hard to get Sandy to trust us. When my daughter and I picked her up from the rescue facility in Feb 07, no one was around to help us with her and no one ever checked my references or returned my calls when I had questions concerning her. Anyhow this is what we have come to find out about her: taken from mom,neglected and/or abandoned, sent for slaughter when she was picked up by the people who we got her from in Oregon. To get her out of the mud they attached her to straps and a tractor pulled her out, all of this before being a 2 year old. We had a really tough start but we are making great head way. With so many we just keep plunking away at it all. She just mainly needs someone with more time and not at a rescue or foster type home, she needs to find her family. She will be

great I feel it, that is why we have held onto her for so long until the right family is there for her, she loves children. She is also UTD on all, like I said we were making progress-now no time for serious training with being full with the fosters.

Ginger- This is an amazing little girl, almost scheduled to be put down until we took her, we are not sure of the breed, perhaps QH/pony (her age has been guessed at between 2 1/2 and 4 years old by several people including the vet) again we will be having Brian out for a check up again before spring to get a better understanding of her age. We have just left her alone at this point until she reached full weight, she has and grown as well, leaning towards her being almost 3 years old. We have hopes of starting some training this winter or early spring.

Pepper- 4 year old Arab/Pony cross?? This is a wonderful little grey mare. She is so sweet and so willing that we can not believe we had to chase her down to catch her and could not touch any of her legs or her tail or face just 6 months ago. She will make a great little pony for someone. She stands about 14 hands and again is UTD on all.(GK's notes: This one would make a stunning hunter or eventer pony, she is very well built, loves kids and is cute as can be!)

Scootin Balue Moon aka Oreo- 4/8/2006 Registered Blk & Wht Tobiano Paint-Still growing, very outgoing, curious, willing to learn anything new. He will do great where ever he goes. He loves water, has been ponied and saddled and I have been on his back with no kick buck rear, nothing, he just walked around where ever I asked. He will not be started by us until he is a 3 year old, because of his slow start, however he is ready to be placed now and they may start him if they wish, he has had a great growth spurt this summer and I am so pleased with the changes. This cute guy has no issues from where he came from last fall. His sister has now been placed with her forever family as a pasture buddy and family pet for the rest of her days.

Gamma Goat Kid aka Kid- 9 year old Thoroughbred approx. 15.2, not a leader either, a little shy, he will hold back as well until the others are finished at the water or what ever the situation is in the herd. When he arrived, he had paraphamosis of the penis and he is not as cute some say due to the accident we believe came from the starting gates. UTD on all as well, his penis is completely healed, we will have the vet out to do check up to be sure that there is nothing more to be done. (Jan or Feb).

Chip Leader aka Chippers- 6 year old Thoroughbred approx.16.2, extremely sweet nature, has been ridden by myself as well as a few beginners on the trails 6 times now and has done extremely well. From the track, no desire to run for them, they said not aggressive. UTD on all.

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