Want to learn drill?

I got this email from Mellissa Avery today. This sounds like a good opportunity for some of you 'speed demons' out there. I have watched drills and they are very exciting. What I find interesting is, from visiting with members of different drill teams, what a close knit group these people become. Ignited Equestrian Drill Team is looking for new members for this upcoming season. If you have drilled in the past we would love to have you join us. If you haven't drilled before, we would also love to have you this year. We are planning on building a team from the ground up. Beginning with the basics of drill and moving on to those exciting maneuvers that many of you have seen. Our team has been around from a number of years and through those years we have made many changes. This year is a big year for us so if you are interested in finding out more info, please contact me at pooh22tigger23@netzero.net. Mellissa Avery

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