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This is from a great Yahoo forum called Weather Cafe. The group message/weather report is sent out twice a week. So far, it has been very accurate and has lots of really good information. A portion of todays report is especially worth passing on - Well, patrons, every once in a great while, we PNWn'ers catch a break. The weather for the next WEEK is likely to become one of those surprises - and so very much needed for our region. That little window of nice wx that was anticipated may open enough to allow for several days of great wx conditions across the PNW starting later today. The upper low expected on Sunday is now modeled to be weaker and track south off the coast (some moisture may back-spin up into southern OR, but not too wet). This pattern will keep a high pressure ridge in place, with MILD and DRY conditions lasting until Thursday, Apr 9. Temps will climb up into the warmest of the year. Soils will have time to dry down, so get those tractors primed and plants ready. It's time to farm. (my emphasis) A big THANK YOU to Rufus for keeping us informed.

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