Weekend Call Shedule

I just talked with Dr. Meg of Ridgefield Equine Clinic and she told me that 4 of the clinics in the area have worked up a weekend call schedule. It has been up and running for several months already. Guess I’m glad I didn’t know about it cause that means I didn’t need it .... It runs from Friday night to Monday morning and the records of any horses treated during that time will be passed on to the regular vet on Monday morning. The clinics participating in this are: Ridgefield Equine Clinic – Dr. Meg Brinton & Dr. Anne Marie Ray Countryside Veterinary Service – Dr. Randy Lee Equine Veterinary Service – Dr. Brian Johnson Mt. View Veterinary Hospital – Dr. Tom Meyer This is something that our area has needed for quite some time and I would like to thank these doctors for setting this up for us. A great big thank you from all of us to all of you!!!!

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