Oh the joys of winter horsekeeping. Does anyone else get that warm snuggie feeling when they hear the ring of poop-sicles falling into the wheelbarrow? Or remember fondly the joy of chiseling frozen poop? How about the deep mud holes that have now turned into moguls for horses and humans to navigate. What joy. It's mornings like this that make me really enjoy my horses. I have to really enjoy them, don't I, or would I continue to do this year after year. The tough part is this is just a very early view of things to come in this year of the 2010 La Nina. Well, off to hauling down jugs of hot water to even out the ice crusted water buckets. I know that bucket heaters would help but we don't have enough power in the barn to run them. At least all this heavy trudging is good exercise. Good prep for the Thanksgiving feast. BTW, this will be an especially joyous Thanksgiving because we will have all our kids with us. Now that is joy. And yes, even when I'm flinging frozen poo, I am happy because that means that I do have a horse of my own. Now that is JOY.

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