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I need to tell you all how great I think the 'farm officials' are in this area. I have had weed questions in the past and I can take in a sample and they'll scramble around until they come up with a name and tell me if it is toxic for horses. The newsletter that Doug Stienbarger sends out from the Small Acreage Program is great and he keeps us all informed about upcoming events and opportunities. Contact information: Doug Stienbarger, Extension Director (360) 397-6060 ext. 7716

Today I had another opportunity to experience the good service that we receive from our farm folks. I had a concern about the Lupine on the property next to us. I shot Erin an email and within an hour she sent me a reply. She calmed my fears, gave me a reality check and even gave me an 'atta boy' for being vigilant about the condition of our pastures. We are especially fortunate that Erin is a horse person that grew up here and now she plans and schedules a lot of good classes and workshops for the Small Acreage Program. To see what's coming up, contact: Erin Harwood, Program Coordinator (360) 397-6060 ext. 7720 We have a lot of dedicated individuals within our community. Some do it as a job and others get involved as volunteers. An example of this blend is the Clark County Equestrian Advisory Group. They have been meeting since last November and are working at making this a horse friendly area. The Executive Horse Council has been working towards this for years and that work is paying off. One of the items that the Equestrian Advisory Group is working on is identifying areas that should have an Equestrian zoning. Check out their web site to see what is happening now and to read the meeting notes. There is a 'contact' form on one of the pages or for more information, you can contact: Laurie Lebowsky Clark County Community Planning (360) 397-2280 ext. 4544 Remember that our county will become more Equine friendly as we continue to be involved and make our voices heard. Good job everyone!

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