Happy New Year!

Hope you are off to a good year. Of course, regardless of our personal situations, how we look at them as our choice so we can always be having a good year. I have friends that groan every time I say that. Not too long ago, I had a friend jump at the chance to remind me of that same fact. It made her day! Now down to business. I just got my order of a new RED saddle pad and boring brown leg wraps from Horse.com. Dennis and I have been drooling thru the catalog that came in the box and there are some really good deals in there. They’ve got pads and blankets and vet supplies and ointments and tack and clothes……. Just a heads up to look them up on line if you’re needing to restock any of your trunks. I’m sure there are plenty of other good deals around this time of year. If you find something really good, send it to me and I’ll pass it along. Dennis has been home sick for a few days now and we are zipping thru our list of DVR programs. We watched Rick Lamb’s program last night and he had a lady that was a professional body clipper. She admitted that her job can get a bit boring and to liven things up, she started clipping in designs into the horses coats. She used a manila file folder to cut out a template of a diver. She taped that to the horses neck and then clipped around it and added some freehand ‘bubbles’ up along the mane line and then as the horse walked, the diver and bubbles moved. Now that’s making lemonade out of a lemon job! Talk about making choices about how you look at a situation. Well, off to making some chicken soup for lunch. Jody

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