Horses and Kids

What a grand combination. When we moved to our place sort of in the middle of town, we figured we would have people, especially kids, come to see our horses. God has sent them and we have enjoyed the experience. The kids all seem to come in 2s probably for courage. The latest ‘2’ came on Saturday. On Friday, I flew back from a month in Texas with our son and his family. They were moving back to Vancouver and I was there to help them pack. Dennis and Eric got in last night with the big Penske truck and two cars. Triann and the grandkids and I flew back. The journey back took us 12 hours because we were blessed with a friend giving us standby passes. We made all the intended flights but had two plane changes and a 5 hour layover. It was a long day but the price was right and it saved us driving for 4 days. Ok, long story to explain how tired I was on Saturday when I saw 2 young girls come thru the yard. They had been told that they couldn’t go to the horses without asking first. When I opened the door, they asked if I could teach them how to pet a horse. The last thing I wanted to do right then was go out into the field but how could I turn down a request like that. So out we went. The horses were wonderful and came up to visit for just a bit. We talked about how to watch the ears and to see how they communicate without talking. Also did the safety talk. They enjoyed themselves and I was happy that I had gone out to say hello to my boys. Later that day, I heard a knock on the door and there were the two girls again. This time they each had a bouquet of daffodils. They wanted to go pet the horses again. I declined this time but gladly accepted the flowers. What a nice ‘welcome home’ gift and one of the unexpected joys of owning horses. I just love it!

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